Hi there, my name is Andrea Vera van der Zande, but you can just call me Vera. I was born in Amsterdam in the year 1989. But I was raised in the small town Muiden. Now I live in Amstelveen.

After my high school I studied interior styling at HMC. I graduated Cum Laude. During this study I also followed the history of art for one year at the NRC Handelsblad Academie. After that I started a new job at a high school as coach at the arts- and craft department. At the same time I started a new education, Media Styling at Academie Artemis. I graduated in 2012.

In the year 2013 I got a new job at the samen school, coach at the design & development department. I teach the students how to design, scale, Photoshop, how to make professional scale models of foam board and I counsel them with their projects.

In my spare time I do voluntary work. I organize discos for children between the ages 10-14. And in summer I volunteer at a children’s summer camp for two weeks.

Are you interested in my work, don’t hesitate to contact me!